Oil and Gas/Land Management/Regulations

Comprehensive Oil and Gas Services

The New Orleans, Louisiana, based law firm of Bienvenu, Foster, Ryan & O'Bannon, L.L.C. represents landowners in a variety of oil and gas, land management, and regulation matters. We have extensive experience handling all aspects of cases involving oil and gas leases and landowners' mineral rights.

These cases frequently involve a number of different parties, including prospectors, contractors, oil and gas companies, government agencies, and others, all of whom may need to be dealt with simultaneously at times. Our experience in these matters allows us to effectively manage the case at every level and work to protect your interests.

Landowner Representation

We have worked with many landowners to protect their property rights. A large part of our practice involves establishing ownership of water bodies. We work diligently to preserve your rights to the land and the mineral rights that go with it.

Mineral and Surface Leases and Other Land Contracts

Our attorneys also help clients draft sound mineral leases as well as surface leases ranging from simple to industrial and other land contracts. We deal with every facet of this process, such as negotiating access to geological data, rights of way for pipelines and access, land development rights and terms of use of the land. We also represent clients before governmental agencies to resolve environmental issues, land use restrictions, federal, state and local permitting dealing with a maze of regulations and other matters.

Contact our office to learn more about our lawyers, our services and how we can help you. You can reach us by phone at 866-459-6002 or via e-mail.