Products Liability

Proven Products Liability Attorneys

Products liability claims have the potential to cost product manufacturers and their insurance companies millions of dollars in damages in the event that a product malfunctions. These cases require swift, decisive action from a products liability defense law firm. The New Orleans, Louisiana, based firm of Bienvenu, Foster, Ryan & O'Bannon, L.L.C., has handled products liability litigation for a many local, national and international clients throughout the years.

We have handled many different types of products liability cases from those involving individual plaintiffs to class action lawsuits and mass joinders. Our attorneys have a complete understanding of products liability law and we know how to help you reach a favorable outcome. With every case we take, our goal is always to resolve the matter in a cost effective manner.

Extensive Experience, Sound Results

Our lawyers' broad experience in these matters allows us to be efficient and proactive in our preparation for trial. We routinely work with a talented network of experts who can help us build a compelling case on your behalf and provide expert testimony at trial if necessary. We closely examine every aspect of the case and look for any information that could indicate misuse of the product or another cause for the incident.

We have represented clients in many different defective products cases, including:

  • Firearms
  • Playground equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Building materials
  • Automobile components
  • Hand and table tools

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